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Sexual Motivation

             Physiological needs are basic: The body craves food, liquid, sleep, oxygen, freedom of movement, a moderate temperature, and SEX. When any of these are in short supply, we feel the distressing tension of hunger, thirst, fatigue, shortness of breath, confinement, the discomfort of being too hot or cold, or SEXUAL FRUSTRATION. These irritants compel us to seek the missing commodity so that our body can return to homeostasis-a system in balance or at rest. .
             As long as you feel substantially deprived, you direct all your energies into satisfying these demands. On the physiological level, Maslow sees people as no different. But once these physical needs are met regularly, they no longer exert pressure. A need fulfilled no longer motivates. .
             I. The Psychology of Sex:.
             Sex is not a mandatory need. If you don't have sex you won't die even if you feel like you will. Sexual motivation is dependent on internal physiological factors. And is influenced by external stimuli. .
             External stimuli:.
             Men and women are both affected by external stimuli.
             An external stimulus includes but is not limited too, being aroused by seeing, hearing, or reading erotic material. In studies both reacted to the same stimuli the same. Men's arousal still tends to exceed women's. These arousals may be found either pleasing or disturbing. .
             In the 1920's exposure of the leg was found mildly erotic, as was a simple kiss in a movie.
             Sexually explicit material can have adverse affects as well. Portrayals of women being forced sexually and enjoying it may give the false interpretation that women take pleasure in rape. This may increase male viewers acceptance of rape and willingness to hurt women. .
             False sexual desire. Attractive men and women are all over the media. After a man or woman sees someone sexually attractive of the opposite sex they may find themselves comparing their partner to someone they won't be able to live up to.

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