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Sexual Orientation

            Sexual orientation can be grouped into three different categories, heterosexual homosexual, and bisexual. Heterosexuals prefer a partner of the opposite sex. This group makes up for about 97% of all Americans. Homosexuals prefer a partner of the same sex. This group contains only 2% of Americans. Lastly bisexuals are attracted to people of both sexes. Neuroscientist Simon LeVay found that an area of the hypothalamus that governs sexual behavior is twice as larger in heterosexual males as in homosexuals. Scientists have concluded that sexual orientation is based on genetics, hormonal cognitive and environment. No one factor alone causes homosexuality.
             Sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) are another very important part of sex. These diseases are contact is not limited to vaginal intercourse but includes oral-genital ad anal-genital contact as well. The main type of STDs comes from bacteria. Gonorrhea and Syphilis are two of the main bacteria caused STDs. Gonorrhea is sometimes called the clap. It is the most common STD in America. It is caused by bacteria from the gonococcus family which thrives in the mucus membranes lining the mouth, throat vagina, cervix, and anal tract. Gonorrhea must be found in its early stages and can be treats with penicillin or antibiotics. Syphilis also needs a warm moist place to survive just like gonorrhea. However, gonorrhea can be transmitted from mother to her fetus if not treated by the after the fourth month of pregnancy. If the mother is not treated by this time the unborn child will have syphilis. Genital Herpes, HIV are both caused by viruses. Genital Herpes Three to 5 days after contact itching and tingling can occur followed by an eruption of sores and blisters. There is no known cure for herpes; the only thing one can do is treat the symptoms. HIV can be cause in more ways than sexual behavior. Blood to blood contact and other direct contact of cuts or mucous membranes can also cause HIV.

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