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Social Contract

             Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Jean-Jacque Rousseau are the thinkers of "modern solution". Unlike classics and reformation thinkers, for whom the Bible was the main important source, thinkers of modern solution followed new progressive methods and new way of thinking, which appeared at that period. Modern thinkers rejected classical philosophy as unrealistic, cosmological. Machiavelly was the thinker who influenced on many thinkers and suggested an idea that classical philosophy unrealistic. He is the first thinker who moved away from the classics and reformation thinkers and came to "modern solution" using critics and more modern, rational, empirical methods, criticized religion, morality. He had great influence on the subsequent thinkers. Hobbes continues Machiavelly's traditional thinking . According to Hobbes, classical philosophy was characterized by lack of exactness, overestimation of the power of the reason. and we can see, that Hobbes's ideas, methods, as well as the whole modern philosophy emerged as opposition to classical philosophy. At this period originates the idea of social contract. And each thinker considering this question has own attitude towards it. Each depended on the period of time they lived, and changed according the views prevailed in their society.
             As already well known the period Hobbes lived was very conservative. And despite the progress which took place in that period people were not ready to go away from traditional monarchical regime. Moreover the progress helped to spread Machiavelly's work and affected on the thinkers and people. Hence Hobbes's a similar views on the regime, which should be in the society, ideas of state, which were so rarely discussed by the classics. All that progress in almost all spheres of life led to new view towards the things which had before cosmological explanation. Now philosophers, scientists, thinkers were attempting to find rational, scientific explanation to them.

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