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Society Creates Gender Stereotypes

             When I was a child I grew up with a stay at home mother. My mother took care of my sister and I. My mother did most of the housework and she cooked. My father went to work all-day and supported the household. When I went to school I notice that the other children's parents were having the same role as my parents. Society has made stereotypes like these happen. This happens because society creates gender stereotypes. Society's stereotypes are for male and females about the way they look, act, and the roles they play.
             In society males are supposed to look a certain way. If you look in magazines most of the males all look alike, they have the same hair and clothing styles. Most males in magazines are physically fit. Theses males sometimes advertise drinking and smoking. There are many more car advertisements in magazines designed for men. These magazines make society push people to look a certain way. This is a lot more noticeable for females. .
             Magazines that are desiged for women, show women that are exstreamly thin and beautiful. The latest styles and clothing are advertised in womens magazines. According to Marge Piercy in her Barbie Doll poem," wee lipsticks the color of cherry candy"(338). Piercy is referring to the dolls females are given as children and how they have a certain lipstick that seems to portray what the child is supposed to look like as she grows up. Magazines also show femails style, clothing, and physical appearences the way soceity wants them to be.
             Gender stereotypes exist in peoples actions and societys influence on them. Alleen Pace Nilson researched the English language by going through a dictionary. Nilson's story sexism in English: Imbodiment and language states,"Women are sexy: and men are successful"(203-213). The writer derives this from the research on the English language. From this research of the language shows that it is a sexist society. The statement shows that women are just supposed to be there and men do things.

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