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             The title of this story is Siddhartha. The main characters are Siddhartha, Govinda, The river, Kamala, Vasudeva, and Gotama. The minor characters are Siddhartha's father, Siddhartha's son, and Kamaswami.
             The problem in this story in that Siddhartha has not found Nirvana which is inner peace. Govinda also wants to find Nirvana. They both meet a lot of people to see if they can teach them Nirvana, but to only find out that they need to experience and cannot be told or taught. This problem is solved by Siddhartha finally finding Nirvana or inner peace. Siddhartha has Nirvana and Samsara as one.
             This story is fiction. I liked this story. This story catches my interest in a lot of different ways. One, It has great characters. Two, it has characters that are alive. Last, it has a wonderful storyline.
             This story is about how Siddhartha left his father at the age of fifteen and joined the Samanas. Siddhartha and Govinda have both been with the Samanas, but they still have not learned Nirvana. Then Siddhartha realizes that he has wasted his time with the Samanas. The elder of the Samanas is about sixty years old and still hasn't found Nirvana himself. Siddhartha leaves the Samanas and heads for the town of which the Illustrious One lives. Siddhartha heads for the Illustrious One and has some questions about Nirvana. Govinda joins the Buddha. Gotama, the Illustrious One says that he has experienced Nirvana. Siddhartha tells him that he has one flaw. That is that he does not show his experiences. Then Siddhartha has to leave his friend to continue on his journey. Siddhartha then becomes awake, he realizes everything. Siddhartha finds a ferryman and asks him to take him across the river. Then Siddhartha had a dream, it was where he saw Govinda who suddenly changed into a beautiful lady. Then Siddhartha finds the lady of his dream. She tells him, her name is Kamala. Siddhartha follows Kamala into a very large city.

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