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Supersize America

            More than 61 Percent of adults are overweight, and 27 percent or 50 million people are obese according to the surgeon general report. The percentage of 6-to-11-year- olds who are overweight has nearly doubled in two decades, and for adolescents the percentage has tripled. Easy to say, America is having quite a weigh problem. Fast food, Candy, and Soda industries have taken advantage of the natural human instinct, to eat whenever food is available, and now, it is always.
             Industries have created products that have doubled and even tripled in calorie supplements. And why you may ask? Because they can. They can keep increasing the supplements because they know you will buy it anyways. It's quite easy and cheap. Customers keep coming back because after a hard day of work it's easily much simpler to run to a fast food restaurant and grab something rather then cooking. Katie Young, an obese child, was nearly 130 pounds at the age of 7. But it's not her fault. Advertising almost seems to promote obesity. And on top of that, fatty foods have very easy access. Besides all the local convenient and grocery stores, these products are also sold at school. Vending machines and snack bars are placed in cafeterias. But efforts are underway in at least 10 states, soft drinks and snacks are prohibited from where National School Lunch and Breakfast meals are served and eaten. Some ask, "What do I eat now, what do I do?
             •With fewer than 10 percent of schools now offer daily physical education, campaigns such as VERB are being made to help kids to get moving and exercise. Also, West Virginia University waged a
             •% or Less
             •campaign to persuade people to use low-fat milk. But these campaigns are not the only ones trying to stop obesity. Some Fast food restaurants such as Burger King, Wendy's, and McDonalds are changing their menu's to attract people who are interested in losing weight.

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