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            For a long time I have been interested in Police work. It’s not the best paying job out there, but im willing to bet that its one of the most fulfilling jobs. The Police field is a broad area so I have decided to narrow my occupational research down to the SWAT division of the Police Force. The information on this division of the Police Force is limited due to the facts that SWAT operations are highly secretive about internal affairs.
             SWAT stands for Special Weapons and Tactics. The definition of a Swat is a squad of policemen who have been trained to deal with violent and dangerous situations. This is an understatement or put nicely in my opinion. In addition to criminals and dangerous encounters. Police and SWAT officers have to be alert and prepared to deal with threatening situations at all times. These officers are required to be required to be armed at all times. SWAT teams are called upon in the most dangerous, high tension, high risk situations. The stakes for a SWAT team are all or nothing. There is very rarely a grey area in the situation because of the high tensions, and the type of work they’re called in for.
             The first SWAT team formed was in 1967 these units were originally 15 teams of 4 men trained. Originally the purpose of Special Weapons and Tactics teams, were to protect Police Stations during civil disturbances of the civil rights movements as well as the Vietnam protest. The first high risk operation occurred in 1969 when the SWAT team raided the Los Angeles Black Panther Party. This first operation left 3 LAPD officers wounded.
             SWAT teams are found in most major cities or in counties that contain smaller cities within in them. The most renowned squad is the LAPD team. SWAT team requirements differ throughout departments. SWAT is earned through merit as an Officer. There are things that can be done to help enhance your chances of a promotion to the SWAT squad such as workshops, military service, and specialized training schools.

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