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             Teachers is a 1984 dramatic comedy based in John F.
             all of those who teach, and learn from it. The theme of the movie "Teachers" is about .
             how this school system neglected it's students, and corrupted the school systems and .
             policies. The movie touches on many controversial subjects, such as statutory rape, teen .
             pregnancies, abortions, mental institutions, illiteracy, and prosecution against school .
             administration. Legal issues that I decided to write about in my essay are statutory rape, .
             possession of a loaded weapon, theft, and sexual association.
             In this movie, a legal issue comes across, when a gym teacher has sex with several .
             of his female students. Three of the girls he had relations with, became pregnant. This .
             issue is statutory rape, which is sexual activity between two people which would .
             otherwise be legal if one person wasn't a minor. All of the students that the gym teacher .
             had intercourse with were under the age of consent, thus making this a legal case of .
             statutory rape. The school did it's best to try and cover up these events, and neglected.
             these students when they needed help the most.
             A teacher in the school was carelessly carrying a gun in her briefcase, endangering .
             the lives of hundreds of students. She would check on it during lunch breaks, until one .
             day it was stolen by a student from her briefcase. This is illegal and called possession of a .
             loaded weapon. This teachers ignorance and stupidity caused a troubled boy to be shot .
             and killed by a police officer after he refused to hand the gun over.
             Another legal issue in this movie "Teachers" is theft. Eddie (played by Ralph .
             Macchio) .
             and one of his cronies have a strange hobby of stealing cars. They steal a vehicle which .
             belonged to a teacher, and later on in the film, steal a driving school student car. This .
             issue is theft, and even though the cars were returned to their owners later on in the film, .
             it was still stolen, and some sort of legal action could be pursued.

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