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High Stakes Testing

            When students graduate from high school, the public expects that each student will possess the skills to be successful at either work or secondary education. We know however, that not all students meet this expectation. A 2000 report from the Employment Policy Forum reported, "that is many as 70% of students entering the workforce do not have simple writing skills"" (Workforce Preparation 1). In an effort to improve student achievement, (State Law 2, statutes of 1999), authorized the development of the California High School Exit Exam (CHSEE). Seniors in the class of 2004 will be the first California public school students who must pass the CHSEE in order to receive their high school diploma (Rubin, par. 5).
             Advocates say exit exams will motivate students and teachers to reach higher standards, therefore improving student achievement. Critics contend, however, that exit exams have no educational value and do not answer the question of how to best measure student learning. Furthermore, they argue that these high stakes tests will lead to higher dropout rates and do not ensure that students have an opportunity to learn the material being tested (Hicks 1-2). Graduation decisions should be based on many factors; one test should not be the sole determinant of any major decision. Proponents argue that high school exit exams are a crucial key to educational reform. A statewide exam will set uniform expectations and use the same evaluation instruments for all students. The CHSEE will hold all students accountable to the same with graduation requirements and hold schools accountable for student performance.
             Supporters of the CHSEE make strong arguments for the use of exit exams. However, whether these exams are accurate indicators of a student's abilities, is highly debatable. Stanford University's Linda Darling-Hammond writes, "there is no evidence high stakes testing improves school quality.

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