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The Not So Pocahontas

             The story of Matoaka is based on actual facts and is a bitter sweet tail that depicts the struggle between two worlds. Obviously the famous animated movie has introduced a different way of looking into the story of Pocahontas which makes the daughter of Powhatan and the colonial settlers seem amusing. .
             The dominant characters in the settlers" side is John Smith a handsome captain who allegedly was send by the Virginia Company of London to conquer develop and colonize the Virginia territory. A man of adventurous nature Smith finds out about the Indians when meeting with Pocahontas. In the movie this comes as a life changing experience for the warrior Smith who in an instant forgets the true reason of his presence in the new found land and discovers the beauty of his Indian counterpart as well as the fruits of Indian cultivation. In fact this is the gold of the Indians, the fields of corn which makes John Smith to forget the precious metal. He is so convinced for the goodwill of the Indians that tries to convince his superiors and colleagues that the Algonquin are a friendly tribe with so much to offer to the settlers; certainly way more than slave manpower and gold.
             John Smith came under fire though from the English lord who claimed the land as British soil in the name of his King. A member of the upper class he is not at all interested in the friendly Tribe or for the crops. Probably the only character with a true correlation with the actual story is from the beginning negatively positioned against the Indians and has one option if confronted with them. He is here to take over the territory the inhabitants and the resources in the name of the British Empire and no romance nor the Indians are capable to derail him.
             Pocahontas is depicted as the beautiful heir of the tribe, a tomboy who is fascinated by the English captain. She believes in the good nature of Smith and risks her life and status in the tribe in order to release him.

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