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The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

             "Boys will be boys," is a quote that best describes Tom Sawyer, in Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Tom is the typical American boy. He is always getting into something. Throughout the novel Tom matures into a young man. Tom was always a mischievous boy but he had a good heart. During a child's adolescence he can mature from being a menace to a respectable man in society. .
             Tom Sawyer was very immature at the beginning of the novel, but matured throughout his adventures. When Tom was in trouble and had to white wash his Aunt Polly's fence, he used reverse psychology on his friends to make them want to do his work for him. Tom did not want to do the work, so he found a way to get someone to do it for him. This shows that he is smart, but that he is also very manipulative.
             Tom had an idol in one of his peers, Huckleberry Finn. Huck did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. He did not have to go to school, church or Sunday school if he did not want to. Tom and Huck became very good friends as the novel progressed. One night Tom and Huck decided to go to a graveyard to perform a ritual to get rid of warts, but they received more than they bargained for. The boys witnessed the murder of a young doctor that night. Injun Joe, the half-breed, was the murderer, however, he convinced Muff Potters, the town drunk, that he killed the young doctor. The boys are terrified by Injun Joe, so they made a pact not to say a word, "Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer swears they will keep mum about this and they wish they may fall down dead in their tracks if they ever tell and rot." (Twain 70).
             Although this pact was made, Tom's good or conscience comes into perspective. Tom cannot bear to let an innocent man hang. Tom breaks the pact with Huck and testifies in court. This shows great strength on Tom's part. He went against his word, and risked facing Injun Joe. "When the half-breed has murdered the young doctor, Tom and his friend Huckleberry Finn, are really, in their boyish terror and superstition going to let the poor town drunkard be hanged for the crime until the terror becomes unendurable.

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