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The Cello

             The violoncello, also known by it's shortened name "cello- is a low-pitched stringed musical instrument of the violin family, that is held between the performers knees. It is really a bass violin played in an upright position. It has four strings tuned C G d a (C=two C's below middle C; a-the A below middle C). The tuning pegs at the Peg box are used for tuning the Cello, but for real accuracy, the fine tuners are used. The f hole is used to increase the resonance of the Cellos body, thus making the sound produced louder. The four cello strings are thicker than those of the violin, and are better suited that way to give the cello its unique sound. Rubbing the bowstrings over the cello strings, both in left and right directions, plays the cello. Its range extends over more than four octaves. It is mostly used in string quartets and orchestras. The cello measures about 4 feet long and about 1 ½ feet across its widest part. It is supported by an endpin. The endpin is a stick that is usually made of metal. It holds up the cello so one can play more comfortably. .
             The cello is thought to have originated in northern Italy in the 1530's. It was first used as a supporting bass instrument. The interest in the cello grew and in the late 1600's, composers began writing music for the cello. The cello became prominent in chamber music groups and symphony orchestras in the 1700's and 1800's. .
             The cello has come a long way from its starting point. It was made because composers were yearning for a lower toned instrument in their music. The love for the cello sound was immediate and appreciation for the instrument grew quickly. Especially the royal families from the 16th century, they loved the cello and many players started to evolve .
             Weston 2.
             because of this. Composers also loved the cello. Composers such as Bach and Beethoven gave cello players a challenge in the music they composed for the instrument.

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