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Business Lawyer

             My career will be a corporate lawyer. This job combines both of my major interests, Business and Law, into one occupation. A corporate lawyer usually does clerical work individually or in small groups when working on large projects.
             The interests that were indicated on the Career Direction Interest Inventory correspond to my career almost perfectly. The job of a corporate lawyer is to handle legal matters for businesses, therefore, the categories of business/management and public service fit well. All interests indicated by the inventory relate to my career in some remote way or another such as the skills needed to do them or the people and things that you work with during the job. There are no interests that do not, in some way, correspond or relate to my career.
             The two most vital and common functions a corporate lawyer does are to advise the decision makers of a company of their legal rights, privileges, and/or obligations and to compose contracts. Usually the everyday contracts involve the buying and selling of stocks and products. Corporate lawyers also do numerous other jobs such as handle some tax matters, arrange for insurance of stock, handle claims cases, represent clients in real estate dealings, and help decide whether to go to court or to settle a lawsuit against a company out of court. However, corporate lawyers rarely visit a courtroom. Corporate lawyers are most important during important times for a company such as during takeovers, acquisitions, mergers, and bankruptcies at which time they work as a group. Most corporate lawyers work for companies in the chemical, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries. Corporate lawyers who work in small law firms usually do a little bit of every kind of law in an average day and a lawyer just out of law school sometimes does very odd jobs such as make coffee or other tasks to assist the more experienced lawyers in the firm.

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