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The Death Penalty

             The Death Penalty has always been a topic of heated controversy which separates many people because of their respective views on this subject. Many people side with the National Coalition Against the Death Penalty (NCADP) and believe that if a convicted felon actually committed the crime that they are accused of, a life in prison without a possibility of parole is a just punishment. Some people believe in second chances and that everyone deserves an opportunity for rehabilitation. This form of punishment teaches our children that killing is acceptable in our country, which is certainly not a lesson we want to pass down to our kids. Nevertheless, other people believe that if criminals see other criminals executed, it will make them less likely to commit crimes in the future. These people side with such victims" rights organizations as Justice for All, and they call the death penalty a deterrence to crime. Capital punishment has been instilled in today's society and it has been said to deter crime, but there still are people that believe there is no valid reason to take another persons life.
             The death penalty and it's legality has been debated for years, starting in the 1970's when the "Supreme Court changed the rules about capital punishment so that it was nearly impossible for a state to put a prisoner to death under any circumstances" (PageWise). Death penalty opponents think it violates the eighth amendment, which bans the government from administering any cruel or unusual punishments. But early in 2000, the governor of Illinois, George Ryan suspended the death penalty because he believes it violates the bill of rights. His actions have increased the pressure on governors from other states to follow his lead and put a halt to capital punishment.
             When a jury convicts someone of a terrible crime, some people believe there are alternatives to the death penalty that will punish the criminals to the same magnitude if not more.

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