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Ebay Inc. Situation Analysis

             The online shopping has become more and more popular, The high portion of merchant business have been open their business to online, consumers buying over internet is growing rapidly in recent years. Customer demand is broad based and evolving, the target market is large. There are 3 types of online shopping: Business to business., Business to person , Person to person.
             People prefer to shopping online because its convenience, people can process their purchase with an PC at any their convenience time. Online shopping offers people abundant information of products and service. With online shopping, people have optimum opportunity to sequential research information about price, product they can easily contact with sellers for more information on products or compare the price, company, product to the similar online shops. The shopping online people will be limited on social interaction and their purchase decision will not be interfered or influenced by salesman.
             The first time shoppers and those shoppers with less online shopping experience may be reluctant to purchase online because of high risks perception such as credit card security concerns, privacy concerns, lack of website credibility, inability to judge quality The shoppers who have a satisfactory initial purchase will increase of repeated online purchase. The sellers who decide to place their product again on the website if they have successful in first time selling. The brand awareness of big shopping online websites is high. In general, the online shopper will purchase with loyalty and with a perception of different benefit and confidence which each brand name provide.
             The majority online shoppers may include companies, or people who are educated and in age range from 18-65 years old with an almost equal number of men and woman.
             The companies, who are in online B2B shopping, have particular goal- directed when they going to search information online.

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