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The Goddess Athena

             The Goddess Athena is the main female Character in the Odyssey. She is the main female character because she is the female that appears most in the story and helps Odysseus. Athena helps Odysseus throughout the story, she even ask Zeus to make sure that he survives through all of his hardships. For instance, she helps him by disguising him as a beggar when he returns to Ithaca.
             Goddess Athena's role in this epic is to help Odysseus through his journey home and make sure that he survives. If she would not have helped Odysseus through his journey, he may have not survived through his journey. Athena plays a major role in making sure that Odysseus comes home safely to his home land of Ithaca.
             Daughter of Zeus Athena helps Odysseus many times during the story. She helps him by making sure that he returns to his homeland without being killed. She helps him when he is threatened to be killed by the Cyclops. When the Cyclops threatens to tell his father that Odysseus was the one who injured him Athena helps him by asking Zeus to make sure that he never is killed. She also helps him when he returns to Ithaca after twenty years lost at sea, by disguising him as a beggar so that he will not be noticed by anyone so he can regain his thrown. This helps him a lot because if he was noticed he might not been able to kill the suitors and get his thrown back.
             Athena is considered the main character in this story because she appears many times during the story and is close to the main character, which is Odysseus. She helps him through his journey home. She is responsible for him getting home alive and she makes sure that it happens. Odysseus is Athena's favorite mortal and she would do anything for him so that he can get back home to Ithaca with his family that needs him.
             In conclusion, Athena has to be the main female character because she is the female character in the epic. Athena is very important because she helps getting Odysseus home alive to be back with his family.

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