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The Linux Operating System

            The version of Linux that we have picked for this is project Red Hat Version 6. It is loaded via CD Rom like most modern operating systems. The setup is GUI and the instructions are easy to follow. For example you will be asked what language you wish to use and can scroll through a list till you find what you wish. The same thing is done for mouse selection etc. The hardest part of installing the system is a section that uses a program called the Disk Druid. During this part of the setup you have to tell the system what partitions you want on the system and how big they should be. To do this you must have a basic knowledge of the UNIX file system. Linux has been ported for most modern peripherals, but still has problems with the newer AGP video cards.
             Process Description and Control:.
             Processes carry out tasks within the operating system. Linux is a multiprocessing operating system, which means it can run multiple processes simultaneously. Each individual process runs in its own virtual address space and is not capable of interacting with another process except through a kernel managed mechanism.
             Linux and all Unix type systems run processes in the same manner. If you were to perform an "ls" command the Linux shell interprets the command line instructing the kernel to .
             execute the utility. The kernel spawns a child process and allows the parent process to sleep. The kernel's execution of the new process includes loading the utility's instructions from disk (ls is loaded from the /bin directory) into main memory for use by the created or child process.
             The process then waits for attention from the processor. Eventually the system, according to its scheduling parameters, gives a waiting process its share of processor time. After the processor.
             reaches the end of the instructions the results are passed back to the parent and the child dies. The exit status of the child is passed back to the parent, which ends the parent's wait.

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