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Windows 2000 Vs. Linux Operating System

            All Microsoft windows users are familiar with the "Blue screen of death". The product of a high school dropout named Bill Gates. Poor reliability is one of the major reasons that many users are looking for the next big operating system to install on their desktop computers. Most of the problems have been solved with the windows 2000 operating system, but while doing that; they have created even more problems. Windows 2000 operating system uses a lot of the system resources while the user does their everyday tasks. After a while the computer seems to slow down and before long their computer will freeze up and have to be rebooted. This is due to the file system and memory manager of windows being one of the most poorly written of any operating system. .
             As a network operating system it does have a few good reasons to be implemented. It is easy and integrates well with other operating systems. It does extremely well for desktop applications but suffers under heavy network stress of everyday computing. Microsoft also claims that their operating system is secure, but they offer no guarantee. We all know about the dangerous computer viruses that have been plaguing the Internet and large corporations. The frequent updates for the operating system are in response to the many virus writers that write and execute these viruses. Their goal is to make bill gates, and his operating system suffer under intense pressure from the world. Everyday these writers find and exploit the "holes" in the windows 2000 operating system. If it was so secure, why do we have multiple updates every week?.
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             The windows operating system is the most widely used operating system in the world.
             It also has the largest support network of applications of any other system. It is easy to use, user friendly, and can be installed on almost any computer. As long as you keep your operating system up to date, it should provide you with anything that you might need for your computing needs.

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