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             Thesis: I have decided that "rehabilitation" will be my area of concentration for exploring my career options after I retire from the Navy.
             I. The Areas of Rehabilitation that interest me.
             A. Juvenile boot camps.
             1. Why I would like to work in a juvenile boot camp.
             a. I enjoy working with and helping youth.
             2. Why juvenile boot camps were opened.
             a. Increase in juvenile crime.
             b. Growing cost of youth detention facilities.
             3. Juvenile boot camp programs.
             a. boot camp structure.
             b. boot camp programs.
             B. Therapeutic Communities.
             1. Complete treatment Environment.
             2. Treatment outlook.
             3. Primary goal.
             4. Effectiveness.
             5. Financial feasibility.
             C. Conclusion.
             1. How both areas could influence my career choice.
             a. Military background.
             b. Personal experience.
             When I started pursuing my college degree, I knew I wanted to work in the Criminal Justice field. I was just not sure what area I wanted to make a career after retiring from the Navy. I did know that I wanted to help people and have a positive impact on them. As I have continued towards completing my degree, I have decided that "rehabilitation" would be my area of concentration for exploring my career options. This way I will be using my military experience and college education to help people.
             There are two areas of rehabilitation that interest me. First is juvenile rehabilitation. I am very interested in working at a juvenile boot camp. I enjoy working with the youth and I will be able to help them when they need it most. The other area of rehabilitation that interests me is the therapeutic communities. Here I would work with adult offenders at the end of their incarceration period, and assist them with returning to the community. I will discuss these two areas and explain how they will influence my career options.
             Juvenile boot camps were opened due to an increase in juvenile crime, which overloaded the juvenile justice system. These boot camps were a welcomed solution to long-term institutionalization.

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