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The Love Of Christ

             Growing up, I dreamed of the perfect love story in which I had witnessed on cartoons and in "Disney" movies. I always believed that I would be the hero that saved the day, but instead came to the realization that I was the one in need of a Savior. It was not until I witnessed this savior's purpose, life, and love, that I began to fall in love with Him.
             This man was accused of blasphemy and brought to trial before the world in which He came to save. He was accused of this because of the many miracles that He performed and the fact that he professed to be the Son of God and even "one with God." It was after these events that the world began to believe that He might actually be the Son of God, and that scared them so they decided to punish Him. the one who loved them more than anything else.
             He was then taken in chains to a room where he was mocked and spit on by Roman guards. They laid Him chest down in a position in which they began to lace into the flesh of his back with a whip that had glass-shards and pieces of rock tied into the ends. After turning his back into "hamburger meat" He was given a robe, wooden staff, and a crown made of thorns. The robe on His back soaked the blood and began to scab, while being beaten with the splintered-staff. And the crown was smashed upon his head, causing blood to pour from his brow. .
             After the hours had passed of being tortured, this man was brought before a crowd that taunted Him. The robe was ripped from His back, reopening the wounds ripped earlier. A crossbeam was thrown onto His shoulders that He had to carry through the mocking crowd, and up a hill to where there were two men hanging. In between the two men there stood a wooden post in which the crossbeam was nailed to. They then drove nails through His wrists between the two bones that form the arms. Next His feet were nailed to the cross, and it was there that He hung for hours.

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