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The Religious Effects On Early American History

            Several nations contributed to the early American colonies.
             people of varied backgrounds, habits and theological ideas. Immigrants came in .
             from England, France, Spain, as well as other places and started to form their .
             own settlements with each settlement having its own culture. Despite their .
             biggest cultural difference, religion, the time came for them to come together and .
             they did it without any major distress. The Puritans of New England, the Friends .
             of Pennsylvania , the Roman Catholics of Maryland and the Churchmen of .
             Virginia, though often narrow in their theological views, manifested a common .
             love of liberty, and acted upon the common rule that the majority should govern.
             Many of those who came to America did so to remove themselves from .
             persecution in their homeland. For example, The Puritans came to America .
             fleeing from the Church of England. They saw the flaws in the Church of .
             England and came to a New land hoping to build a society on what they .
             thought to be the proper religious standards. The ways and beliefs of the .
             Puritans made them somewhat less tolerant than other colonial cultures, but they .
             were making a slow progression from what they came from to the foundation of a .
             new inclusive nation. Furthermore, The Quakers (Friends) of Pennsylvania, .
             founded by William Penn, not only wanted to establish a place for their own .
             people, but were also open to the idea of people with other belief systems living .
             in and contributing to a larger society. The Society of Friends was one of the first .
             early American cultures to really come close to what America is today. They .
             realized that people of differing beliefs could come together and build a .
             productive society if the people were willing to accept each other. Both the .
             Puritans and Quakers had the similar goals which ultimately brought them .
             The people of Virginia and Maryland made fundamental steps toward .
             democracy and personal freedom.

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