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The Story Of An Hour

             In the story of an hour, Kate Chopin uses a great amount of irony to accomplish many unexpected twists and turns. What Chopin is trying to make us understand through irony, is that freedom, in the 19th Century is something women are not entitled to; and the few who experience it, shall never lose it, for otherwise, their lives would feel as if they had died. .
             The story narrates the response of a woman back in the 19th Century, who was told that her husband had died in a traffic accident. Kate Chopin makes a very interesting connection with the feelings of the woman. Since Chopin had become a widow at a very young age too. Oscar Chopin, her husband, died in December of 1882 when she was only 32 years old leaving her alone and a businesswoman. .
             Irony is introduced in the story from the very beginning "Knowing that Mrs. Mallard was afflicted with a heart trouble- By doing this, the author makes the reader focus in the different possibilities of each sentence, for example what she really meant in this sentence is that she was not happy and did not love her husband, not that she was sick. .
             The climax of the story is when Mrs. Mallard, is left by herself in her room; then, she realizes what has actually happened and from this moment onwards the irony starts to make sense for the reader. You get to understand all her secret feelings and repressed emotions "She had loved him-sometimes. Often she had not" and therefore, one realizes why the sudden change of emotion and the happiness occurs, when such news would have hurt most people. For the first time, she was alive and happy; her mood had changed drastically for she had not known what happiness was, since she had always lived under the control of somebody. .
             Towards the end of the story, in the precise moment when she had decided to face the world as the new person she had become, her husband appears, when she sees him all her dreams and hopes die, and she realizes that living without them meant not living at all.

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