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The Work Of A Great American Poet - Robert Lowell

            The work of a Great American poet- Robert Lowell.
             Robert Lowell was considered the greatest American poet, because his style created an eminent change in American poetry according to Ernest Hilbert. His poem Lord Weary's Castle won him his first Pulitzer Prize (Hilbert, 2). When Lowell expressed his opposing moral view on World War 2 in a letter to President Roosevelt he was arrested (Hilbert, 2). Hilbert states that Lowell was known as the greatest historian of his time. Hilbert indicates that Lowell was a poet who was in the largest political and artistic rank. Hilbert also states in his Essay on Robert Lowell that because Lowell suffered from many disorders he then became dependent on drugs, and went through several marriages and non- stable relationships. But Hilbert also mentions that Robert Lowell started his career by adopting the styles of another poet known as T.S. Eliot. .
             Ernest Hilbert explains that Robert Lowell and T.S. Eliot had similarities. Hilbert says in his Essay on Robert Lowell that T.S. Eliot and Lowell shared similarities in their styles of writing, the way that they spoke, and their conversions in religion. Hilbert expresses the similarities in conversions of religion by stating that during adulthood Eliot converted to the Church of England and that adulthood Lowell converted to the Roman Church. Hilbert also mentions that in recordings of the two (Lowell and .
             Ciuro 2.
             Eliot) there are obvious similarities in the way the two speak. Both Eliot and Lowell speak with a change in pitch of their voices, and a New England slow or prolonged speech (Hilbert, 2). But Hilbert does not explain the similarities between Lowell's and Eliot's styles of writing.
             Through my own research I have observed that both T.S. Eliot and Robert Lowell did share similarities in their styles of writing. I discovered the similarities in the styles of writing between the two poets by studying a couple of the poems they had written.

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