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             Poetry is a very deep subject; it can show feeling and emotion towards something or someone. It is a very hard subject to understand and it originated in about 3000 B.C. There is some evidence before this but it is not known if it is true. Early poems praised God and heroes; most were religious in some nature. Poetry is an art an ancient one at that. Types of poetry very different, they can rhyme or emphasize one thing while saying another. The word poetry itself derives from a Greek word "poesis" meaning "making" or "creating." There are also many poets with different styles, here are two great American poets Walt Whitman and Robert Frost. They both have shown that although there is going to be difficulty that with lots of hard work and effort you can achieve your dream and do or be what ever you want. (www.Encarta.com) .
             Poetry can be spoken or written. People think that they have to rhyme but this is not true. There are tons of poets who don't rhyme but still can make a poem, feel and describe the same. Poetry can be a learned skill over many years of writing, or a gift you are born with. Throughout poetry's long history it has relied on rules about what a poem is, with new kinds poetry building on an earlier kinds to create greater possibilities of expression. In the 20th century poets have increasingly used the language of everyday speech and created new forms that break the usual rules, to surprise a reader and evoke a response. The new has to be seen in contrast to the old, and also poems depend upon a reader's depth of knowledge of poetic practices, because although poets write down words it could mean something totally different. .
             The first poetry was recorded in about 3000 B.C. Some come from Assyro-Babylonia, Sumerian, and Egyptian cultures. Evidence shows that earlier poetry was intended to be sung, at times with musical accompaniment. The Hebrew bible known to Christians as the Old Testament, stands as one of the worlds oldest and most influential poetic works.

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