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            In the art of poetry there is not one right way or wrong way to write or there is not type of discrimination that comes along with it. You can be whatever you want to be when you write poetry and not have to feel that people are judging you on anything you write. In the Heath anthology of American literature there are a few "gay" poets that talk about everything from love to struggles to just plain poetry. The poets try to grasp the art form that you call poetry. There are three poets that I would like to compare to the fact that they are all the same poets are Joel Bitan, Cheryl Boyce Taylor, and Rafel Campo.
             In today's society there is a wide spread need for literature and enlightenment the poet Joel Bitain also the author of "brown faggot poet" shows his enlightenment in many different ways. Bitain compares his poetry to everything that you can imagine or think of in our society. In the line " I hear poetry in the bookstores amidst the rich smell of text and the heady aroma of pages knowledge available at a nominal price." (lines 13-17) What Bitain is basically saying is that no matter where he goes there is poetry regardless if it is not being spoken or recited. .
             Poetry in modern days is more of what you can touch on to keep the reader interested, and in this poem I am sure that there is no way that a reader would not keep reading. For example the when Bitain writes in the beginning of his poem " I am a brown faggot poet I speak so my voice can be heard I write so our stories could be told those who hear me are not the people who's stories I tell- (lines1-5) This example shows a great exmple of how Bitanin keeps the readers attention, the vulgarity of the first few lines make a reader want to read more to see what he has to say throughout the rest of his poem.

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