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            grendel works in nihilism United We Stand in Optimism.
             For so many years, tragedies and other major events have torn America. These events play the role of the divider and antagonist of America's people. Americans have the ability to fight against these atrocities and always unify themselves. When we do come together, we unite as just Americans.
             Prior to September 11, we Americans allowed ourselves to be separated by religion, color,creed and even gender.
             When tragedies like this occur, these things are put aside, and we are all just people. "American" becomes one singularly used word. It is no longer hypernated as African American, Irish American, Asian American or Latin American. We are no longer distinguished by these things, but we soon realize that we are all vulnerable as human beings. Our tears flow like rivers as we watch Americans die because of events such as terrorism. We become sad and angry inside because of the loss of one of our people. Death does not discriminate us economically or socially. Therefore, it does not matter how rich or poor you are when death comes. It doesn't even matter whom you hung with or where you lived. Death becomes the equalizer and common denominator of us all. The tragedies of America begin to affect each individual. Don't you agree? We feel a need to help others because they are Americans, not because of how they got to be. .
             Lesman brought to our attention the importance of our relationship with God when he said, " Sept. 11 brought the realization to Americans that they needed to turn their lives over to God because he is in control of everything." God is the center of our optimistic views. We know the Lord is always by our side, and we take larger steps to a positive future. .
             Optimism is the ability for you to go on when bad things happen. We being optimistic give us opportunities for the future.
             We know yesterday happened, but we can always make today better.

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