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Three Stages Of Projected Memory

            In the documentary by Marianne Hirsch, she talks about how things were during the Holocaust through the lives of the people. Projected memory is used, which is to link the past and the present. This essay will talk about Past Memory as well as Projected Memory. Both will give examples of how you see a picture and understand what is meant just by hearing about from either your parents, grandparents, or teachers.
             Past Lives shows how everything was during the Holocaust. How the kids were in the concentration camps as well as the adults. This is about a picture taken of children in Izieu. You can see that they are all very sad and do not want to be there at all. This is where the triangulation appears. Where you would see the victims through a child's point of view and an adults point of view. The child may just see it as like they would not want to be in that position and not want to get in the way of something bad that is happening. Whereas the adult would see this totally different. The adult would feel sad about seeing the victim in pain and sorrow and want to help him/her to make everything better.
             Post memory is used to describe the relationship of children through different things like collective trauma, to the experience of their parents. Post memory is something that you remember very well from past years, but only because it has been talked about so many times. An example of this would be if you said you remembered exactly how you broke your first bone when you were 4. It is not that you really remember doing it, you remember because your parents have told the story over and over again.
             Robert Coles" essay; The Tradition: Fact or Fiction, is the first example of projected memory to the readers. In this essay there is a photo that is named: "Ditched, Stalled, and Stranded". This photo shows a man behind the wheel of a car and gives you a feeling of sadness and helplessness which is what your parents and grandparents told you about the Great Depression.

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