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Dorm vs. Apartment

            There are so many choices to be made when a student is accepted to a university or college. One of the main choices is whether or not the student will live on campus in a dormitory or off campus in an apartment. Often, this is the students and parents? biggest conflict. The student wants to be independent and on his own in an apartment, while the parent still wants to have a small grasp on their college student. Living in an apartment at college has many more advantages than the dorm system does.
             In a dorm, there is very little studying actually going on. It is not that students do not want to study, but rather other students will not allow them to study. With the noise and commotion that goes on in the dorms, there is no way that any student can get any studying done. Just imagine sitting there with and open book in your lap; the bathroom is right next door to your room and students are flushing the toilets and taking showers at all times of the day and night. This is not to mention the annoying neighbor who yells all the way down the hall to his best friend. There is no way with all of the noises and distractions that anyone could study in that type of environment. On the other hand, in an apartment, there are usually a total of four roommates. The roommates are usually good friends before going into this apartment, and therefore are respectful of each other and their study time. This allows everyone to get their studying done without any fights breaking out or any other unnecessary commotion.
             Next, at college you meet new friends every day. These friends might be of the same or opposite sex. Either way, usually they will want to go to each others? rooms and visit with each other. In a dorm there are certain allotted times that people of the opposite sex may come to the rooms. If a student is in an apartment they can say who comes and goes and when they come and go. There is no time period or limit that the friend can stay at an apartment.

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