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Passion Of The Christ Reaction

            The extent of the accuracy of the film was unbelievable. To have the entire movie’s dialogue be in Aramaic was the most incredible thing. Before watching the film I though that Mel Gibson might massacre the story by exaggerating or falsifying aspects of it but he truly did stick to the historic Biblical version. The only thing that wasn’t exactly known to be true is the idea of Lucifer appearing to Jesus throughout his ordeal but I would find it very possible that Lucifer be there watching Jesus suffer.
             The definition of anti-Semitism is hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group. Does this film lead me to these feelings? In most ways, no. But being a Christian watching the Jewish high priests and crowds of Jewish people sentencing Jesus to his horrible death, I did experience hatred towards those people. Do I feel like the Jewish community of today is in anyway responsible for what happened? No. And so, I would argue that you had to have entered the film with feelings of Anti- Semitism to be able to have exited with those feelings.
             I felt that as far as the issue of the goriness of the film, I understand why Mel Gibson felt it was necessary. As far as accuracy goes, that is the way we as Christians believe it played out. This was a way for society to view what Jesus went through for us, to what excruciating pain he suffered for our sins. How or where else would there be a better venue then through this film for us all to see the torture and be a little bit humbled about our own petty complaints. In many ways I felt like he took it a bit far to the point that I didn’t want to watch but then I realized if he suffered that much couldn’t I discomfort myself slightly and watch it?.
             My personal reaction towards the film was positive and overwhelming. It was really strange to see the story come to life on film. I felt a little depressed afterwards.

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