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Tommy Girl Cologne Marketing Campaign

            Tommy Hilfiger has revolutionized the fashion world from his men's and women's sportswear and denim wear to his athletic wear to his children's wear to his accessories. It was no surprise to the fashion industry when Tommy introduced his fragrances, belts, bedding, home furnishings, and cosmetics. Through extensive marketing Tommy Hilfiger's products have flown off the shelves. In this paper I will look at one particular Tommy product: Tommy Girl Cologne the 1.7 fluid ounce bottles. I will explain all the facets of the Tommy Girl marketing campaign.
             Marketing Oriented:.
             Tommy Hilfiger uses a marketing orientation because the company follows the marketing concept. It aims all of its efforts at satisfy its customers- at a profit. The Tommy Hilfiger Corporation mission statement explains how the company works to achieve customer satisfaction, works together as a total company effort, and has profit as an objective. The mission statement states: "The Tommy Hilfiger Corporation is dedicated to living the spirit of the American Dream. We believe the spirit of the youth is our greatest inspiration. Resourcefulness is the key to value and excellence in making quality a priority of our lives and our products. By respecting one another we can reach all cultures and communities. By being bold in our vision we continually expand our boundaries. Live the Tommy Spirit," (www.tommy.com).
             Tommy Hilfiger competes in the consumer products manufacturers industry. The consumer products manufacturers are companies that design, manufacture, and/or market apparel, cleaning products, hand and power tools, home furniture, housewares, linens, and consumer electronics and appliances. Furthermore, Tommy Girl Cologne is in the personal care industry. The personal care industry is made up of companies that manufacture and/or market personal care products, including cosmetics, fragrances, and razors.

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