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Hate Crimes

            In my thoughts there will always be hate crimes. Many times it is because of tradition. This prejudice get past down from one family member to another. Another way this narrow mindedness can be learned is through peoples social lives (the people a person socializes with). Hate crimes are crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on certain group characteristics. These are crimes that are motivated by this person's prejudice. Not only can a person hurt that person who they have a bias against but they can do things like vandalize their property and this is still defined as a hate crime. In that case it is difficult to know whether the offender committed this crime due to their bias, or did for other reasons. .
             Along with the thousands of hate crimes committed every year there are many organized hate groups all over the U.S. For instance, the American Nazi Party, Arizona Patriots, Aryan brotherhood, Aryan Nations, Christian Defense League, Christian Patriots Defense League, Identity Church Movement, Ku Klux Klan, Posse Comitatus, and skinheads. There are over 200 militias active in 39 states, where some are identified as racist and the others as neo-Nazi. Most of these militias are anti-government. Not all of these groups are by themselves. Some of the different groups are linked together, but they might be from a different state. Some times hate crime offender do smaller things like verb abuse, which is still very cruel, but other time they beat the victim and sometimes even kill them. .
             In 1999, FBI's statistics say that there were 9,301 offenses, 9,802 victims, and 7,271 offenders. They say that even little things such as graffiti, disorderly conduct, or assault may hurt the community. This could be that they think that this could happen to them. No one should live his or her life in fear. To think that hate crimes will never go away is sad because their will always be a bias person, that is so bias that they will act upon that hate.

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