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Australia's Industrial Relations System Vs. Unions

            Australia's Industrial Relations System Vs.
             Industrial relations involves a body which employers makes regulations governing employment relationships. This enables employees and their unions, employers/ management and their associtions to resolve issues between each other and incorperate rules and regulations which will provide a fair environment for both the employees and employers. Industrial relations also provides a fair platform in which both parties can resolve issues paving way to higher industrial and employment standard.
             In order to answer the question as to whether or not a union has a decreasing role in such industrial relations, it is important to analyse the roles of the unions and the industrial relations commission.
             Unions for so long have represented disatisfied employees mainly in economic terms, working conditions and victimisation. Employees who feel powerless to the management approach esually seek the aid of unions. Especially in the case of low income or ow skilled jobs, which are commonly available. Employees ussually join unions s that there is a powerful representative of their vital interests, hence it is quiet clearly understood that unions sometimes leaving the management victiminized or forced to succumit to the demands of employee. Usually in most cases companies give into threats such as strikes, walkouts and reduction in productivity.
             This is one of the major reasons why industrial relations was set up. .
             Australian Industrial Relations is dominated by three representatives. These are as given below:.
             The government .
             Employer associations .
             Trade unions.
             The Federal government and the industrial relations commission of Australia regulates everything from the pay rates and working conditions through to legislation and industrial awards.
             What the Australian industrial relations commission aims to achive is a fair platform for both employers and employees alike.

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