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The Addictive Properties Of Nicotine

             We attempt to control time but time controls us. People work longer hours at their job to provide the necessities for their families. Yet, people order takeout for dinner to have time to spend with their loved ones. People give advice stating that one should invest their "time" wisely and good results will follow. "Spend time with your family", they say. Metaphorically, I've spent too much time thinking about time. At times I wish I could think a little more, and there are times when I do not want to think, especially when I"m trying to sleep. Time is a very intriguing, and, yet, it is a mysterious entity. We cannot buy, sell, spend, invest, or find time. One can enjoy the time shared with the ones he or she loves. .
             However, we have no control over the powerful and never-ending concept of time. Biologically, every human being on earth has X number years in their life. Ironically, we have been dying since the day we were born. We are born with approximately ten billion neurons, and cells die every day. So, in a sense we are dying each day. Each and every day of our lives we stand precariously at the edge of death. I could be involved in a fatal car accident while driving to work, school or to the grocery store. The simple, everyday routine patterns of driving a car could end one's life instantly. Driving an automobile in extreme traffic can raise one's anxiety. Most people experience feelings of anxiety before an important event such as a big exam, business presentation, or first date. One anxiety that is problematic with me is the habitual use of cigarette smoking. I call this an anxiety because the emotion of fear comes from the direct knowledge of what causes the fear. For instance, when you have been hurt or injured by something and you become afraid of that object you have a fear because you know what caused the harm and your natural tendency now is to be afraid of it happening again.

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