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            The Toll of Tobacco use in Pennsylvania.
             More people die every year from smoking cigarettes than the total number combined of deaths by AIDS, alcohol, motor vehicle accidents, homicide, illegal drugs and suicide. Each year 440,000 are killed from tobacco. Do we not have enough proof or research to backup these statements? Why are cigarettes so addictive? Are American's killing themselves consciously? .
             The term "all natural" unfortunately does not mean "all tobacco". The Federal Trade Commision has completed a test that shows that more than 5,000 chemicals come from cigarette smoke, and that more than 40 of those ingredients are known to be human carcinogens. have Nicotine has been proven to be highly addictive. It is noted as being both a stimulant and a sedative to the Central Nervous System. Once a "puff" of nicotine is inhaled into your lungs,you are given an almost immediate "kick" because of it's discharge of epinephrine from the adrenal cortex. When this happens, it stimulates the central nervous system and other endocrine glands to release a quick burst of glucose. Although you are suddenly stimulated it is then to be followed by symptoms of depression and fatigue. .
             The tobacco use in Pennsylvania are as follows, 27.6% of highschool students smoke, that's" about 187,000 students. The amount of children, under the age of 18, who become new smokers each year is 36,400. The amount of children that are exposed to second-hand smoke each year are 858,000. 36.1 million packs of cigarettes are bought and smoked by children under the age of eighteen every year. These numbers are historically high for our youth of today, it has been stated that rates of youth smoking has declined since 1997. .
             Ingredients in tobacco: Cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless and pipe tobacco consist of dried tobacco leaves, as well as ingredients added for flavor and other properties. More than 4,000 individual compounds have been identified in tobacco and tobacco smoke.

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