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Black American's in the Early 1950's

            Describe the disadvantages that Black American's faced in the early 1950's.
             Black American's faced a series of disadvantages in the early 1950's.They ranged from having to use different restrooms that white people all the way up to fearing for their lives in case the Ku Klux Klan showed up. Another problem which was a significant disadvantage was the Jim Crow laws, named after a black character in a programme in that year. This rule forbids a lot of things to Negroes and blacks like white and black people swimming together or playing cards together. It forbids trivial things like black people going into restaurants.
             Some towns only allowed white people to use the vending machines and the water dispensers. An interesting point comes from an early picture of the water machines. Both basins are connected by the same pipe which means they are drinking the same water. The other major problem was the schooling under the Jim Crow laws. Although some black people had broken off and started their own schools they soon ran out of funds and were forced to shut. The black students were then forced to attend a white school.
             The earlier Civil War (1861-1865) had seen slavery abolished which had been the first "real" mark of the black's fight for Civil Rights. It was shortly after the war finished that the biggest fight the blacks would ever encounter would show up. The Ku Klux Klan. This "terrorist" organisation was bent on keeping the black rebellion down. They lynched (unlawfully hanging), raped and murdered black people who they thought were being unruly although many times it was because they just didn't like the person in question. Although they were a thorn in the black's side they fell in power when a KKK leader was jailed for the rape and torture of a young black woman.
             The majority of the black population moved north to the Northern states because there was more jobs and "freedom" for them there.

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