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Tummy Tucks

            It seems today that push up bras aren't cutting it for women."50 % of lingerie is returned compared to 30 % of other clothing"(Seigel). In the last ten years the number of women having liposuction has increased 333%, tummy tucks 392%, and breast augmentations 584%. Women and men today are more worried about what they look like then anything else in their life. They are to involve in reading tabloids and magazine to see what the famous actors and actresses are looking like these days. People today want to look like more and more like their role models, then in being there selves. .
             There was a time when belonging to a health club was an impressive status symbol. But it's a dawn of a new century, and these days, it is not unnatural for many people to visit a plastic surgeon for a "touch up on occasion." As medical technologies have boomed over the past two decades, plastic surgery has made incredible advantages in both reconstructing accidental injuries and congenital deformities and in helping erases the marks, wrinkles and sags of encroaching age. Whether it is fixing a portion of the body to make it look normal or improving the "normal" facet of the body to make it look even more aesthetically pleasing. The goal of the plastic surgeon is to help the patient to look and feel good about him or herself. It has seen an amazing growth in popularity in recent years. These days men and women discuss having nose jobs, facelifts, and tummy tucks as if it was normal everyday activity. More importantly there is a rather disturbing underlying issue among us: Why is our society conducting such surgery in the first place? .
             It seems now as we turn through an issue of almost every magazine we see beautiful men and women all with perfect bodies and flawless faces, people simply do not live up to society's so-called "standards". But the most important war patients face is over seeing themselves externally as pleasingly as they see themselves internally.

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