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Incandescent Light Bulb

             The sun produces an enormous amount of light.83x10 to the 23 watts of power in the form of light. Another source of light is the incandescent light bulb. It emits 60 to 100 watts of power, and is most common light bulb used today is called the incandescent lamp. This bulb consists of a smooth round glass exterior. Stretched coiled filament of tungsten metal is sealed inside the bulb. The bulb is filled with gases that will not react to the tungsten or the bulb. The gas inside the bulb is a combination of nitrogen and argon. The first bulb was created by Thomas Edison. He independently developed the main parts of the bulb that enabled incandescent lamps to be widely used as lighting systems.
             For such a useful item, the light bulb doesn't have many parts. There are only a few main parts; the glass exterior, filament, gases and the base. The largest part is the glass it covers the filament and protects and seals in the gases. It is smooth and in a circular figure. The glass comes in many different colors and shapes. The glass is connected to the base which is made out of threaded metal. The base connects to the wall, or to an energy source. The filament is a small metal strip where the energy passes through. It is attached to the base and sticks up into the middle of the bulb. The top section of the filament is coiled and that is what shows the light. The last thing is the gases that are used in the bulb, you can't see them but there are argon and nitrogen. These play a very large role with the light shining and not burning out. .
             Making a light bulb is pretty easy, but there is a few complicated things. A few easier things to make is the glass bulb, coiled filament and the metal base. The filament is made out of a special metal called tungsten it has a very high melting point. When the tungsten is mixed with the right gases it has the highest melting point of any metal. There are special machines that melt the glass and metal and create the parts needed for the bulb.

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