Ford history

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"Look at that jalopy . Did you know ford's model t created that word? Ford motor company is one of America's biggest car producers. Henry ford had done a lot of great things in life. Like getting ford motor company started back in the early 1900's. The ford motor company is something serious with Henry ford and great cars like the ford mustang, the ford f-series, the ford thunderbird, and the ford model-T.

First, Henry Ford was a great American man. The childhood of Henry Ford was like the childhood of most of us today. Henry Ford was born first out of six children ( Henry Ford was always interested in mechanical things and machinery ( As a child Henry Ford lived on a farm near Dearborn MI. ( On one hand starting a company for Ford was not an easy task. Ford Motor Company was incorporated in 1903 ( Henry Ford was vice president and chief engineer in 1903 for ford motor company ( Henry Ford paid all of the line workers 5 dollars a day, a great job in the 1903 ( The life of Henry Ford was something serious. Henry ford got married to Clara Bryant in 1888 ( At the beginning of the Ford Motor Company Henry Ford invented the assembl

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