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Ideal Home

             Have you ever dreamed of an ideal house to live in? Well I think everyone has something in mind to live in, weather it’s a tree house, a cabin, and of course the typical mansion. I bet everyone would like to live in a mansion in Beverly Hills with the never-ending view of the mountains and ocean, but my fantasy house is totally out of the ordinary. The fantasy home that I have conjured in my imagination is quiet expensive, but very interesting. So lets take a tour through my imaginary home. Please keep all articles and body parts inside the house at all times. When the tour comes to a complete stop take hold of small children by the hand and exit to the left. Enjoy the tourWhen you first walk in to the house it will welcome you with its big opening and slick glossy Italian marble in all the rooms of the house except the bathrooms. The family room is immediately in front of you and has a spectacular surround sound. The sliver, gleaming flat television can be folded into the wall and tucked away. Through the mammoth paned windows I can have a great outlook to the back yard, with a sparkling pool, accompanying it with a trampoline and colorful reclining beach beds. To the left of the pool is the fresh green look of the tennis courts and a red barn like building, which is a stable for the horse. Toward the back of the stables is a mini shooting range for target practices. And to the right of the pool is the pool house with an immense iridescent dance floor with a scintillating disco ball hanging above. The thought of an ideal home can take me forever to think about and I could write pages and pages about it. I would be constantly making new adjustments here and there. Luckily this is only my imagination, but I’ll try to make this image into reality someday when I become a billionaire. Thank you for keeping all hands and feet inside the house for the duration of this ride.