The Hobbit

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Bilbo Baggins is a dynamic character. His role in The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkein, is a role that can't be played by a better person. He shows many characteristics through out the book that proves his worthiness in his adventure to Lonely Mountain. Some of these characteristics include cleverness, courage, and inner-strength.

Bilbo's cleverness helps him in his adventures. When he finds the ring, he outsmarts Gollum with riddles to get away. Gollum wants the ring that Bilbo has because it turns the wearer invisible. The riddle he wins with is "What is in my pocket?" Once he has the ring, he uses it to his advantage and is able to escape the goblins in the cave and get out alive. One of his most clever deeds is when he helps the dwarves escape that castle in Mirkwood. To get them out, he places them in barrels that he knows are going to be thro

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