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My Watch

            My watch keeps track of the seconds, minutes, hours, and days. The round-face bracelet watch is made out of polished and brushed steel. The bracelet, the part of the watch that goes around the wrist, is made of eighteen 1/2 inch wide Y-links attached to one another. There is hinged, metal clasp attached to the bracelet which can be opened so that I can easily put on the watch or take it off. The crown of the watch, a small, round serrated knob located at the 3 o'clock position, is used to set the time. The dial on the face of the watch where the numbers are displayed is as white as the snow on the ground early on Christmas morning. The dial is covered by a sapphire crystal that is scratch- resistant. The crystal is encircled with a shiny, silver ring, that reminds me of my grandmother's silver hair. The number 12 is located towards the top of the dial; directly under it is a date window at the 6 o' clock mark. The function of this tiny box is to show the day of the month in numbers, now showing 11 for September 11th. All around the dial of the watch are ten little evenly-spaced dots that mark each hour. From the center of the watch extend three thin, silver strands called hands. The minutes hand is the shortest of the three, the hours hand is a bit larger than the minutes hand, and the seconds hand is thinner and longer than the other two. The three circulate around the dial in a synchronized manner. Directly under the number 12, the word "Gucci" appears. All the characters that appear on the dial are imprinted in the color silver. The other side of the watch has the words "Gucci" and "Water Resistant 100 ft / 30m" engraved onto it.
             The watch was given to me three years ago as a wedding present from my grandmother. I think it is a charming and timeless masterpiece, not only for its monetary value but for its sentimental value. It is simple elegance and classical beauty, fused into one. One day, I want to give it to my daughter when she is older or when she gets married.