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My Neighborhood

             My neighborhood was an amusement park full of fun and games. Every day my sisters and I would set on on a new adventure. Our home was a wooden, traditional, one-story home with a built on porch. The aged wood made our home look like one of those haunted houses they'd shown on television around Halloween. In some cases when is would rain, my sisters and would play house on the porch. The porch lined with horizontal, parallel beams around the porch, that my grandfather call the "banister". With me being the oldest, I would be the mamma. To the right of the porch, was a worn out wooden swing that extended from the ceiling. I would lay a blanket over the swing's seat and tell my baby sister to lay down while I doctored on her cold. .
             On warm days, we went exploring. There was wooded area in the back of the apartment complex next to us that we played at a lot. We would pretend to be Indians hunting for wild animals. We would gather things like black berries, green plants (that we later called our greens), honey suckers, and red mud. As we gathered the items we peaked and ducked as if we were really hunting. We would then return to our fron yard to prepare the animals (or plants). .
             The front yard was a bare as a bald mans head and had not harvested seeds in years. There we dug from the yard to cook in the tin pie pans that grandma had given us. .
             We also had three, really old, oak trees in the yard, that we would use when we played hide and go seek. Along with the other junk in our front yard, these trees were great hiding places for my little sisters. Sometimes we would gather our friends in the street in front of my home for a game of kickball. We used old worn-out rags for the bases, a Wilson's tennis ball, and a flat piece of wood for a bat.