A Memorable Experience (Narrative)

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Mother Nature has made the world beautiful and it is because of her that the human beings can survive. However, at the same time nature's fury can cause great destruction to human life too. Natural calamities are left to the hands of god. If He wishes, He can destroy the world in a fraction of a second. It took an unfortunate incident for me to realize how terrible the consequences of nature's fury could be.

It was Saturday morning and had been raining heavily since two or three days. My parents and our family friend were going out of town in the noon by train. The railway station is about one and half hour from our home. They left the home about three hours before the train time just because of that heavy rain. Now we all children means my brother and me and my uncles' two children were alone at the home. We were in mood to enjoy those two or three days.

We planned to stay at my uncle's home instead of my home. My uncle's home was in society and so a little bit far from my home. That society was at the entrance of the town where as my home is in the middle of the town. The houses in the society were on the low line area. In the evening we had lots of fun. At night we took dinner and I

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