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Music in Silence - Dinig Sana Kita

            Music is a means of releasing, expressing, and manifesting one's innermost feelings and emotions. The deaf-mute community may not have the ability to hear sounds, words or music with their ears; they may not have the ability to communicate through speaking; they may live in deafening silence, but they do have the capacity to feel, love, understand, appreciate, create, hear and listen to music with their hearts and minds. Music can transcend beyond sounds. "Even in silence, there is music" and the film delivers just that.
             Last Wednesday (November 25, 2009), our block was fortunate enough to attend a private screening of Dinig Sana Kita, a light-hearted romantic comedy indie film presented by our college and the Committee on Culture and the Arts. I must say I enjoyed watching this film although there were a lot of audio-technical difficulties while the film was being aired. It isn't the typical mainstream movie wherein the actors and actresses may be star-studded and look impeccably good looking, the filming spots may be shot breathtakingly beautiful, and the props may be highly-funded, but when it comes to the storyline, plot and delivery, it falls flat and appears to be forced, superficial and fake. What I think is commendable about this film is its naturalness, earnestness, and simplicity. A lot of movies nowadays go way over the top, that they lose their sense and purpose. I like how the drama in this movie was kept an arm's length and wasn't too mushy. This movie also holds a message and advocates awareness about the handicapped community, specifically the deaf-mute community. It sheds us some light about our misconceptions on them, and it tackles issues they face in careful and sensitive restraint. .
             Basically, this movie is about a rebellious, troubled teen chick with parental issues (Niňa) who meets and falls in love with an optimistic deaf-mute orphaned guy (Kiko).

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