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Coca-Cola - Marketing and Advertising

            This essay will analyse the 2013 television advert for the brand Coca-Cola and will explore aspects such as audience and purpose, narrative, use of language and visual and technical codes, investigating how they are used to represent and communicate the main message of the advert and promote the product and brand. The essay will also outline aspects of the brand such as core values, personality and image and will observe how these characteristics create the brand's ideology by identifying how they are used within the chosen advert and how they have been created to form a connection between the brand and the consumer. Media communication theory will also be explored to identify and deconstruct how the encoder of the institution has used various persuasive devices and media techniques to create an advert that will serve the company's agenda and will contribute to the success and longevity of the brand. .
             The chosen advert's chief purpose is to promote its product through the representation of the brand's traditional core values. From its very inception as a global brand, Coca-Cola has represented a set of core values to address a wide target demographic by promoting a connection between the drink and the acquisition of happiness. In this particular advert, the use of rhetorical appeals such as pathos and logos are used within its narrative to communicate to the encoder's preferred target audience a connection between intergenerational relationships, happiness and a healthy lifestyle, all of which are used to reflect the concerns of its early 21st century consumer and underpin Coca Cola's core values. These values support the main theme of the 2013 advert which introduces the idea that Coca-Cola can and should be part of a healthy lifestyle. In recent times, Coca-Cola's sales have steadily decreased in response to the obesity crisis of North America and it could be perceived that the advert has been created in response to the public's increasing awareness of the need for a healthier diet and an active lifestyle.

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