Second Hand Smoke

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Eliminating Smoking in the Workplace and Enclosed Public Places

It is a well-known fact that voluntary smoking is a cause of cancers of all types as well as the cause of many cardiovascular diseases. Smoking has also been known to be the cause of aborted pregnancies and increased infant mortality. But what about the dangers of involuntary smoking, also known as: environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), second-hand smoke and passive smoke. Second-hand smoke causes the same illnesses as voluntary smoking. Recent studies provide sufficient evidence that second-hand smoke is hazardous to health; therefore, eliminating second-hand smoke from the workplace and enclosed public places can no longer be ignored.

During an Evidentiary Session of the Smoking in Public Places Investigative Committee, ¡ §Dr. Stanton Glantz, PhD (Professor of Medicine, University of California at San Francisco; Fellow, American College of Cardiology; Consulting Editor, Journal of the American College of Cardiology) ¡ (Minutes 1), addressed the committee. According to Dr. Glantz, in order to understand the reasons for eliminating second-hand smoke, it must be defined. ¡ §Dr. Glantz stated that passive smoking was the term used for exposure to tobacco

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