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Ad Analysis - I Smoke Second-Hand

            Although the Surgeon General has required warning labels for tobacco products, the effects of secondhand smoke are are not addressed. Take for example the ad "I SMOKE SECOND HAND. Warning may kill your baby." this ad depicts a toddler with a cigarette in his mouth with discoloration on one side of his face showing the effects of smoking. This ad is targeted to mothers that may smoke during pregnancy or after the child is born. It appears mainly focused on the effects of smoking after the birth of the child. .
             While most people are aware of the damages caused by smoking, there is an unseen consequence behind smoking. The effect it has upon others. Though smoking is legal, the ramifications are far from certain. Some believe tobacco products, mainly cigarettes non addictive or habit forming, while others maintain it is highly addictive. The aforementioned ad is targeting the heartstring of mothers and the love they have for their children. In the right setting this ad will reach its' intended target. It is said secondhand smoke causes cancer in nonsmokers and laws have been enacted to protect society (nonsmokers) as a whole from the effects of such. An example would be, not allowing smoking in places where nonsmokers may be impacted by secondhand smoke, i.e. restaurants, planes, buses and other public facilities. .
             The need to protect those that are harmed by secondhand smoke, children is/should be paramount to any parent. Who would give an infant a bottle of nicotine instead of a bottle of milk? The need of proper nutrition is paramount to the health and well being of a growing child. Smoke contains chemicals that may inhibit the proper growth and development of a child. While it may be overreaching in stating that all parents with children that smoke are endangering the lives of their children who are clueless to the fact that their environment is not conducive to healthy living, it is doing just that.

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