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The Dangers of Smoking

             SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide. This is what the label on an advertisement of Virginia Slims Cigarettes reads. This secluded white box in the corner of the ad only tells the consumer one of the many dangers of smoking.
             The surgeon general's warnings are one of the many ways society tries to warn teenagers of the dangers of smoking. Other than the warnings from the surgeon general there are many other sources trying desperately to reach out to teens to stop underage smoking. They are trying to make teens realize the health, financial, and emotional risks of smoking. For instance there have been many studies concluding that smoking can cause thyroid disease. Smoking cigarettes can cause the thyroid gland to be either under active or over active. Thyroid disease's symptoms include fatigue, hair loss, constipation and insomnia.
             Smoking causes about eighty seven percent of all cases of lung cancers. Besides lung cancer smoking can also cause cancers of the mouth, kidney, pharynx, urethra, larynx, esophagus, pancreas, stomach, uterus, cervix, and bladder. Tobacco is responsible for about twenty nine percent of all cancer deaths. Although it is a commonly known fact that smoking causes cancer, fifty million Americans continue to smoke cigarettes. Smoking is also in the fault of about ΒΌ of all heart attacks.
             Smoking tobacco can also cause depression in teens. It is shown that teens who start smoking are more likely to be depressed a year after starting smoking. People who smoke in their teen-age years are more likely to become heavy smokers, as they grow older.
             Besides hurting yourself while you smoke tobacco, you are hurting almost every around you. When you smoke around other people you put their health as danger as well as yours. This is called secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is almost as bad as actually smoking tobacco yourself. You inhale and exhale smoke when you are in an environment with a smoker andor smoke in it.

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