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Smoking in restaurants

             Tobacco smoking was introduced to Europe in the sixteenth century by Spanish explorers (Berger 11). However, it was not until 1964 that smokers were warned of the dangers of smoking. Furthermore, nonsmokers were informed by the Surgeon General Report of the risky health effects from secondhand smoke in 1972 (Berger 11). Today, many are well aware of the possible health effects that smoking and secondhand smoke can cause. Even though many are educated on this issue, smoking is a difficult habit to break.
             Choosing to smoke or not to smoke is a right that every human has. Those who choose to smoke should respect non-smokers while in enclosed areas. Many public buildings have a smoke free policy. Some restaurants also have a smoke free policy, but the majority do not. Having a smoke free policy in all restaurants creates numerous positive rewards. Banning smoking in restaurants will benefit the smoker, the business, and the non-smoker.
             Certain chemicals become more dangerous in small buildings. Smoking outside compared to smoking in a restaurant differs enormously. Outdoors, smoke spreads throughout a greater area. In restaurants however, smoke spreads throughout a small area, filling the entire building. The amount of a pollutant in a particular spot is greater in a restaurant than outdoors. CO, carbon monoxide, is just one chemical found in cigarettes that is harmful to humans. When smokers "smoke cigarettes in small, airtight, smoke-filled rooms, the CO in the blood can indeed rise to a dangerous level" (Berger 71). Too much exposure to CO can bring harm upon a human's health. .
             Smoking is not an easy habit for many people to just quit. Therefore, providing an incentive to help someone to quit smoking could indeed help a person to finally quit the hazardous habit. Also, people may use loved ones or health issues as a motive to break the addicting habit. Smoke-free restaurants can have a big impact on someone trying to quit.

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