Sharing is Caring, Or Is It?

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Sharing pirated music over the Internet just became a lot more hazardous. The round of recent lawsuits caps a broad investigation that began in June, when music companies said they would begin tracking down heavy users of file-sharing networks. By using a file-sharing program online, anyone can easily determine how many files a particular user is making available to others. These files include those in the format of music, video, picture, or even software. These files are traded many times over by millions of online "pirates , people who upload and download files to one another in an ongoing sea of controversy. Interest groups such as the RIAA feel that online file-sharing perpetrates several regulations over music made in the past, and also state that this "piracy  is leading to many losses suffered by record companies and musicians. However, the American public feels differently; to many, online file-sharing is something they have been practicing carefree for several years now.

In a bold and risky move, the largest music companies made good on months of threats to crack down on users of file-sharing networks, filing separate lawsuits against 261 individuals in federal cour

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